50% of all Zurich residents have no access to organic waste disposal, while every second property owns green containers. Because you, as a tenant in Zurich, are dependent on the signature of your property owner in order to take out a bio-waste subscription, we are opening up existing green containers to the surrounding neighbourhood and thus closing important recycling loops.

Einetonne.ch shows how design can undermine legal structures to provoke social change. -> Find out what you can do and take part!

BA-Project (4 months)

Alec Nikolov

Umwelt- und Gesundheitsschutz Stadt Zürich
Energie & Recycling Zürich
Team Trashare


I recommend taking a look at the thesis if you are interested in in-depth insights on my bachelor thesis.

Collective Identity of einetonne.ch
Neighbourhood petition to print out and hang up.
Sticker signalising a shared container. 
Sticker on container. 
Landingpage of einetonne.ch
Fake flyers that referred to a survey via QR code. I wanted to find out how many people are interested in access to green waste disposal.
Wireframing content and layout for the website. 
Name searching..