In this session we were given the task to dream our bachelor project idea as far as we can.

My Dream

In my dream I don’t have to do work I find useless for earning money anymore – People are organised in a way, where you help each other out and profit from the skills of others. We have everything we need plus a little more maybe (but not a lot) and are happy with it. We feel fulfilled by the community we live in and it’s easy to live in the present moment and in a local scale. Technology is used as a tool and we only use it to facilitate work in a meaningful way.

My dream is strongly inspired by autonomous societies I have encountered through my life and by utopias like bolo bolo. For me it sometimes seems like there are only a few people actually being happy with the system they’re living in but almost no one ready to change something about it.

One takeaway someone else mentioned which I really liked, was to keep lightness and curiosity.