Today’s session was about discussing each of us students’ disposition regarding the ba-thesis by questioning and reflecting their statements. I provided feedback to most of my colleagues but will not go into detail about everyone’s disposition here.


I’m going to start with the feedback I got on my statement of intent. Nemo enjoyed that I didn’t frame the problem through something specific but more from a process view and that I tried to let myself be guided by the process. He remarked that it felt natural and my thoughts were explained well.

Joelle seemed to agree with that and liked the motivation of my disposition and the humour in it. She further advised me not to jump to fast at conclusions and that I should avoid namedropping of methods as I did by mentioning how I would approach my project.

I guess there wasn’t much I could benefit from with the feedback but nevertheless appreciated their comments. As Daniela mentioned, my proposal still wasn’t very graspable for her and I think I have to further narrow down my topic by having discussions and diving into different ideas that emerged from my observations.

In Conclusion

Last but not least I really enjoyed hearing about the interests of my colleagues and it was quite nice to see how clear interests and directions have emerged for some of them during the studies and how diverse we all are in our approaches and ideas. I really look forward to seeing all the end results and processes.